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My dream is to achieve all of my life goals without discrimination, money, and other people holding me back

to continue to nourish my service conscience children. Keep hope alive!

I dream of a peaceful world where everyone is loved and happy.

My Dream is to end world hunger and hate. to bring everyone together as one, to love, help, and care for everyone. to live happy and in peace for unity!

My dream is to be SUCCESSFUL!!! Asia

To be a better mother, wife, friend and basketball coach to all. May the talents I have been blessed with be shared and utilize for the greater good [Mary]

that we can all get along together

World Peace [Ke'Ondrae]...

That when I am an adult this will be a world without racizm or critizm and nobody will be judged because of their race.

To be a free young black women to help people and touch people lives. My dream is to be successful and help my family, this is my dream

My dream is to make a difference in someone's life through the work that I will do in my future career after graduating college. I want to change someone's life for the better...

To help children with drug addictions overcome their addiction

My family members and my friends will lead a happy and meaningful life. I can be a very nice person in the eyes of the people around me. World peace and prosperity! -Ying

for our society to see each person as a human being worthy of respect.

To be the first black and youngest director to win an Academy Award for best director and to bring the world together through the power of film.

My dream is "for peace and more jobs for Americans" Julie B0157...

to achieve my purpose of encouraging every man woman and child to live for God on purpose in love and to live again; for life is eternal as peace and love has no end.

to recreate the leadership inherent in the youth of the civil rights movement into young black males.

to travel and to own lots of books.

My dream is that families would love each other. Neighbors and co-workers, husbands and wives, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters would just love each other. My dream is that we all would just...