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I want to help Animals live longer and . I want peopel to watch out for them.

My dream for our community is to have much less pollution, and trash everywhere as that waste goes into our waterways, and kills all of our precious wildlife. Gabe

that endangered species will not be endangered anymore.

I have a dream to stop poaching.

to get a pet

My Dream is for all animals (in-Cluding people) to be treated alike and for all nature to get back the property it once had.

my dream is to stop animal cruelty !

go to the zoo.

i dream that one day everyone will be nice to one another..

I could live life like Santa and Jackfrost and the reindeer.

I unicorns and bunnies a pony -Leighton

My dream is to make my parents happy and do something to stop animal cruelty

My dream for our country is to stop animal abuse because I love animals and I don’t know who would want to abuse them.

make every body in the world happy

MY DREAMS!!! :-) My dream for the environment is to keep it clean and respected,such as not littering and giving waste and to keep our earth clean!! :-) My dream for health is for everybody in the...

My dream for our world is that we stop global warming and pollution. So many animals will be saved and this world will be preserved for the many people that will live in this world after us. Ben

i had a dream to end hunger and animal abuse

bring abused animals to shelters

To end animal cruelty

I have a dream that all animals should be treated like humans. They should never go hungry and shouldn't be abused. Some people are rescuing the abused and hungry animals. Erich...