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To own my own school. A school that helps kids of all races, ages, and gender be proud of themselves and their community. A school where boys and girls learn how to be men and women.

To see an end to the absurdity of racism and racial categorization.

To improve the image of black women through God, my work, and my family.

My dream is to step into a new career in the medical field as I close the door on the legal field that I have worked in for almost 14 years. Time for a change.

A job with JPMorgan Private Bank

To help young girls that are poor and don’t have many opportunities. I want to create a foundation that they can go to to get clothes, happiness and to know that they are loves.

To help provide for my family and become a professional B-Ball Player. [Royale]

To continue to be sucessful and impactful even when this project is over

My dream is to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish.

My Dream is to go to college and get a good job.

My dream is to become a famous rapper and bring rap back to it's former glory, and send some of the money to charity to stop world hunger and get my Business Degree. I'll do my hardest to...

I have a dream that all people in the world are aware of their own talents and exploit them. That they know the power of confidence and trust in each other. That people are open to other perspectives...

To go to college and get goods job, and be a enginer.

To increase the promotions & work in my own production company.

Is to become a doctor and help everyone. Kaysan

To be a vet when I grow up. I love nursing animals. I love a king care of Dogs, Cats, and some other animals and others. -Asia

my dream is to become successful model and be great at what i do and to give back to my community

My dream is that I become a professional basketball player and make alot of money.

World peace for all. Love and Kindness. Happiness and Caring. Love for all Seniors and Kids especially.

My dream is to be a great teacher and to be a great leader that will never be forgotten.