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I want to become a doctor [Taylor]

I dream of being a multi millionaire, being able to do full time ministry and helping those in need. I dream of winning souls for Christ and leaving a legacy. My main focus for full time ministry is...

My dream is to be a fund manager. I want to help people with their money [Kim]

My dream is to become a famous rapper and bring rap back to it's former glory, and send some of the money to charity to stop world hunger and get my Business Degree. I'll do my hardest to...

To save thousands of lives as a doctor.

one day i will become a doctor. I will be involved humanitarian services.

My dream is to learn about more things.

My dream is to be the best football player and to help people that need really good help.

i have a dream that one day i will become a bell teacher.because I like kids.

My dream is to become the first black women to be president so I can make changes to help the world and economy. become a successful African American, and be happy with who I am, what I do, and what I've achieved in life...

to go to college and Get Goods Job, and Be a Engianer.

My dream is to complete school then venture off into the army. Then, while in the army I will finish my education and get my degree. And I will also travel country and citys. By: Iy'Kevea date:...

For everyone in the world continues the message, legacy & dream of Dr. King and live in peace and love!

to use what I have and be success, then to use what I acquire to help those in need.

to earn my MD-PhD and make groundbreaking discoveries that will improve the way we study and treat diseases.

that everyone gets what they deserve and ha a good life.

Hellen My Dream is to be the best nurse ever.

To publish my book! Shekeida 30087 [Love is life]

To become a corporate Attorney ; after graduation from my dream university University of Florida'. Then come up with my own Non-Profit for Disabled Kids [Shanequa]...