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Become a successful pharmacist and always prove to myself that I am capable of anything as long as i put my mind to it

...To Not only Be successful, But impactful. I would like to start a youth enrichment center that focuses on enhancing the knowledge and exposure of African American youth, earlier in life.

My dream is to have peace on earth. (As well as to become a CEO)

To make a change in others life, become someone people can depend on, Finish school and get in a good job.

My dream is to be a famous soccer player or Artist. Madeleine ~lake side~

To be a succesful lawyer

Is to be in the NBA. Be a good role model. Anthony

Is to be able to be independent and help as many others achieve that as possible. I dont want people to be held back by anything.

Go to the NBA!!! and Syracuse Univ. [Vershawne]


To help provide for my family and become a professional B-Ball Player. [Royale]

To become an entrepenuer. I want to start my own foundations that helps less fortunate people I see. This will make me an empowering black young lady and I will be judged by the content of my...

Too be big in the Rap Music industry and play college football

My dream is to be a baseball and not just help myself, otherS who need money,shelter,water,clothes, and all the basic needs people need all around the globe.

I want to be a Doctor Isiah 4

to be a police [Christopher]

is to become a teacher a police officer president and judge

Is to become an entertainment lawyer as well as a fashion designer -Kashay

My dream is for all people immigrants and all too be equal and to be able to get the same jobs, education, and salaries as other americans.

My dream is to publish two of my novellas this year! I would also like to wish for peace and improved economic and environmental conditions throughout the world.