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To grow up and be a educated woman. To love others as they love me [Aerieal]

i have a dream that every one in america would get a education a aresonable cost

That the US as it become increasingly diverse, better educate and provide more equitable opportunities for advancement and with that we cultivate a more robust middle class.

All children will have access to a quality education regardless of their economic disposition Huge gaps in education continue to plague our society.

My dreams is for everyone to have equal access to healthcare, education and equality. If we learn to embrace our differences and appreciate our similiarities we will be able to live in a much more...

A world where access to education s all available to all.

To be an Artist and get alot of money. I want to go all the way through to college. I want to be a leader like Martin Luther King Jr. January 16, 2012 Lanakai

That my 2 sons will be able to receive a higher Education than I did [Curtis]

to leave my mark and live a life where I never lack the compassion for those who are less fortunate and actively work so that everyone is educated about the real struggles of this nation

Is to be a teacher

To one day become a successful dentist and graduate college.

My dream is to graduate with honors from the BEST HBCU there is North Carlina Central University and get accepted to Carlina Law School and work for a non profit organization.

That one day all children in this country will have the chance to get an excellent education

My dream is that every one is the United States and the World will have a good education and a promising future.

I hope to make a difference. I want to use art to do for others that it has done for me. As a way to express themselves for the world to see.

My dream is to become successful in life.

To graduate in Fall 2014 with an excellent job doing something I love.

My Dream is to be the best writer

1. World Peace 2. Physical healing for humankind 3. Spiritual Awareness/ enlightenment for all 4. Love, love, love

to inspire, educate, empower and promote intellectual & personal development among black youth