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To end the racial and ethnic labels. To stop labeling people because of their skin color, religion, nationality, social class, political view, etc. To learn to appreciate people for their differences...

To be an A+ student all through school. To become a lawyer. To also get my PhD. Freedom at last

to go to college in Florida and become a pediatrician. Breunna

My dream for the country is that every child in America goes to a good school.

To go to Law School and represent for my community. Graduate from undergrad

my dream is to be very successful in my career of going to college for nursing, cosmetology, and teaching.

To become a great computer security technician. After studying at Howard University while majoring in computer science

for everyone to be able to afford healthcare \, school and take care of their families comfortably. Also to help those in Haiti Camryn

My Dream is to get a Dimpola in college and get a jod

my dream is to be a wonderful parent like my mommy and to get my masters in social work

for all my students to learn how to live together and teach their children to live together in harmony.

to see the day when both education and wealth gaps are eliminated; to see a broad unification of our diverse country united TOGETHER to allow all who desire the opportunity to maximize and achieve...

I have a dream where everyone is free from the slavery of greed, religion, wealth and power: where nobody is allowed to control or affect the life chances of anyone except themself, but we all help...

that all children are loved and have food, water, a safe home, and good education.

I have a dream that we can all strive together and show our next generation that they can be anything they want to be!

To help animals in need and people who are homeless. and met all their needs.

Powered by My Faith to have Safer Sex Boxers be the #1 HIV/AIDS Education Tool in USA

I have a dream that one day i will live in a big beautiful house with twins. I wish that i could be a lawyer or a model. I wish that i could have a sweet nice husband as well. I would like to...

To go to college and get goods job, and be a enginer.

For every feee man and woman to have access to free college education and medical care [M. Price]