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I want to live in a world that sees men that are not afraid to love & protect their help meets, push their children to the be the best they can be, create meaningful partnerships to see King...

That my grandson's and their family will never have to experience or face racism...

My dream is to find the love of my life

Hello Family & Friends My dream is to curry on my family business. To always Love yourselves. to protect Your Family. to work well and not hard. But Remember I say to you Love God first.

To own my own business and be my own boss. As well as inspire my neice and nephew to want to do the same.

to be truely happy, and to be able to see a world where we as a unit practice what we preach and we teach our children to love wholey with judgements and that the only RACE is human!

my dream is to be a wonderful parent like my mommy and to get my masters in social work

My dream is to help the homeless have a shelter.

To change the world with love! Love is patient and love is kind, love does not acknowledge any wrong doing. To be a supadesigner, I want to work for myself kno interior design, fashion, graphic...

To over come my Goals and live a happy life with my family.

To become a better mother to my son and to finish my doctoral program on time in 2014

Shelby- I want to live in a lovely house with a husband and two kids. And have a good life. And a good job.

To own my own business one day, and I would like to take it internationally.

to be their when my family needs me and live to the best of my ability to have more and fear less.

30032 Get a house Soniya

For all Americans to live without want or fear. Contentedness, health and happiness for my family and friends, well designed and eco-friendly cities across the us.

To one day be rich and to be around to see my daughter & nieces to grow up and one day have their own kids and to be married.

My dream is that one day my kids will live out there dreams! I will be blessed with long life to enjoy my family!

My dream is for people of the world to come together and save our planet from our pollution which destroys our planet everyday it gets worse

I have a dream for the word to be a better place and for the families to be together!!!!:)