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I have a dream that I can be a window of God's love. All can be truly free...

To live the purpose that God created me for and to be a good Mom to my daughters.

I dream for A BETTER world thann it is now and have alot of freedom and rightousness for everybody. We shoulda all be free to make ALL our decisions in life. Also we should have a counrtry that is...

to fight for my country the United States of America [Bryson]

Everybody is the world must be free and had all same opportunities to grow up.

to let peace and freedom ring. To have a world with wonderful people. Sofia

I want Montana to secede peacefully from the Union.

Travel to every part of the globe and be welcome everywhere.

i had a drem that people will never go to war with weapons but words

I have a dream that we will all be treated as equals in this world.I have a dream that we will get along with each other and that we will be one world united as one nation together.

My dream for our country is that we have careers and jobs for everyone that they want because I and like everyone else wants to be someone when they grow up. Nadine

TIME and WORDS. Use them to talk, tell, teach, explain your kids, neighbors and friends. The topic does not matter. If you impose and replicate them without a WHY, you won't have education,...

my dream is to go to school and get my education to become a pediatrician or maybe i would like be a nurse.

to witness modern slavery end. #Human Trafficking

My dream is to see Dr. Kings words in the letter from Birmingham Jail added to the biblical text causing the church to deal with racial tension and our social class divide...

To have freedom and 1,000 Bayblades

I have a dream to end hunger. Because so many people are dieing from not eating or drinking water. Thats why i want to end hunger. I also have a dream that the world will end. Because there are so...

My dream is to own a lambergini, and to make a differnce in poeple lives.

My dream is to change the world with one person at a time. With one a random act of kindness at a time...

I dream that one day there will be no more war and violence. I dream that peace and love come first. I dream one day poverty and hurt will over.