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Peace, love and harmony.


a world with peace & harmony. A world to express our ideas freely

That we all live together in peace and harmony

My Dream is everyone to not get bullied and be treated fairly at school - Elijah (age 9)

My dream for our country is that all the wars will be over so that all of our brave soldiers can come back to live with their families and they can have happy and loving lives. Ben

peace, love, and understanding.

My dream for our world is peace. The world would be a much better place if everyone got along.

Finish School, graduate become ultra sound tech

to change the world with my story. My dream is 2 dream the impossible dream. My dream is not my own, but that of my ancestors. I am because they were. I am because we are. Madame Secretary.

To live to see a world without war where every individual is valued.

That God would give us the Black Community the strength to forgive America for her injustice towards us as a people. For when we forgive we will begin to live life the way God intended "FREE!...

Peace and democracy in the middle east


I dream for peace and equity in the world!

I Dream is for my son to be healthy and have a happy life. World Peace Peace Within Equality

My dream for my community is for people to not drive near my house every day because they mite steel my things. Ahmad

To see tolerance prevails the whole world and people respect and treat each other equally, irrespective of their race, religion, or color. [Mohamed]

to fly with no restrictions; explore with no destination; live with freedom, justice and peace; To dream for my future and make a change.

That all racism will end. That we will all see each other as one, instead of as colors!! We are equal and all equally created by our GOD. Let's love each other and make a change! [Catasha]...