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to end violence, everybody get along, world peace, no weapons

People will work together for the better of our elected officials and try and understand and there efforts, if they are trying. Support one another to looking beyond the skin. Pray of our young...

That we leave this world in a better place than it is today. I hope that we honor each other and the earth so our children only know peace.

to have wonderful children.

For all people in the WORLD to live in PEACE.

My dream is for my biracial children to not have to chose which race they want to belong to and be accepted for the character of their worth and not the "mixed" color of their skin...

To creatively empower our youth of all races, religions and backgrounds.

I have several dreams...One of my dreams is to walk the streets and see young brothers with their pants around their waist and not around their ankles. this is a serious issue which we need to...

My dream is that one day GOD is recognized and honored again in the public school system.

To be a Police Officer Simeon

To see young people seek and find inspiration and purpose for their future.

To own my own school. A school that helps kids of all races, ages, and gender be proud of themselves and their community. A school where boys and girls learn how to be men and women.

My dream is to see my family and the world walking in their God given purpose.

My dream is that we do not continue to turn the other cheek on child abuse. To look at every child as your own, and to keep them protected from harm.

Tougher gun laws to keep our schools and public places safe.

to end violence, everybody get along, world peace, no weapons

to graduate from Virginia Union with honors. Upon graduating, attending medical school to obtain a medical degree :)

For the world to live in peace and harmony.

To develop strong young brothers into will set example and bring about change. Bold and new young leaders

A Greener & Better World