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live - life to the fullest Love - unconditionally Laugh - until I cry

my dream is to become a marine and work for my contry and become a good man for all

To be a writer & an activist for a cause I am passionate about

Succeed in everything I do. To learn to love and help the less fortunate. Stop the violence and just love everyone

that there will be better treatment for the disadvantage in Bipolar treatment.

To help provide for my family and become a professional B-Ball Player. [Royale]

I want to inspire others and leave a "footstep" in the world...

To become a Parent. Very Soon!

I have a dream that I can achieve the American Dream and continue to praise God and unite with other Christians & celebrate black and white heritage Stephanie

To have a good life and see my family until we are all in heaven

To be a great artist and icon and know as one of the greatest female artist that ever did it. To have good health, success, and prosperity. That I will be able to provide a better life for my family...

To see Christ's Kingdom, in it's entirety, brought to this Earth...

To someday make it up on this board -Seth

My dream is to become a nice children dentist.

Personally- To be someone my son can be proud of and model his life after. Career- To be a forensic technician and help bring justice to victims via DNA. Globally- For people to treat others with...

To get good grades and play for a travel basketball team for Santown and be rich -Xavier

to achieve more than I dreamed and to appreciate my progress

For these papers to be used to help us train our youth to become foot soldiers in our struggle for "The Beloved Community" using Dr. King principles of non violence and agape love...

Peace on earth equality to all no more Hunger for anyone. Life, Love and Happiness

is to become a teacher a police officer president and judge