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To live in a world where everyone stays hungry and stay foolish

To be a someone who can change the world a little bit better. And have a really nice family. Jackal UF PhD student from Taiwan

My Dream is to learn a lot of English and finsh college and high school

to live a life of total freedom financially, emotionally and spiritually. To live a life of pure bliss and be remembered when I'm gone as a righteous friend. And when I arrive in Heaven for God...

To be a famous musician. To be a famous musician I must master string instruments with strings, percussion: instruments you need to bang or press on with force, and wood windi instuments that used to...

To continue the work of God and go out into all the world and preach the gospel. To continue writing books and plays, as well as recording life changing songs to our Nation. Evang. Johnson

To have my job as a veterinarin to help sick animals so they will be better. [Sonaya]

To have my own hair salon when I grow up. With all the money I make I will split it with my parents w/ the rest I will give back to my community [Tatiana Perkins]

My dream is to see more girls be leaders and models for young people. Jaya

To become a mason and well become more economically not to help support my community, people and society as a whole.

TO graduate from VSU and live a health and happy life and spread peace to all.

to fly with no restrictions; explore with no destination; live with freedom, justice and peace; To dream for my future and make a change.

My dream is to be a lawyer or a teacher. I would love to be a figure skater in the Olympics. It is also my dream to meet Taylor Swift or One Direction. I hope for a happy life. Skater

to have the same dream as Martin luther king did,. The best auther in the World! land be wealthy from Adonnis

to be a star Jada

Love will win in the end.

To become successful in life and be accepted for my character rather than my race anywhere I go!

To have a good life and see my family until we are all in heaven

to live in a society free of drugs and violence.

That each and everyone of us can begin to constantly remind ourselves to see the humanity in each other; for we are all connected.