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My dream is for the whole world to have freedom and people helping other skinned people -RJ

that all mankind will live in peace and harmony

we should all come together as the human race.

To return to a world where success was measured by your hard work not by the connectons one has.

For a world with peace, health and justice. Fro people to realize their good and GOD within themselves. Wake up and Get BUSY!! [Tauheedah]

I have a dream that some day everyone will be able to be themselves. That they can love who they want to, believe what they want, and no one will hate them for it.

Is for everyone to come together

90% of all American to Vote 95% of all AA to vote

the country will be embracing the President. The country honor respect this presidency. The nation truly believe in peace and equality

to live in a world free of fear and discrimination. We should all learn to respect each other's differences and appreciate the diversity of life...

A Better Life 4 every one... Races, Nationalites Countries, Ganders

That there will be a day when all people are judged equally and given the same opportunities to experience success.

I have a dream of equality, where people are primarily judged on what is on the inside and how they treat others, not by their appearance. I wish there was no prejudice towards any type of race,...

That peace and equalness will spread throughout the world [Jamaal]

Psaml 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of my throne. America has been divided one side wanting righteousness the other side wanting justice. A house divide can not stand. However...

That Sierra, Silje, Sam & Chanelle will have a bright future; free from artificial restraints of prejudice.

to work as an advocate for educational equity and to do all that I can to ensure that our nations public schools are presenting every child with the opportunity to succeed.

Everyone finds a special friend who will listen, love, and live in peace together

I have a dream that girls in rural Amhara in particular and throughout Ethiopia will be able to go to school, will become bilingual in Amharic and English languages, will become literate in Amharic...

I dream for equality!