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I have a dream that one day I will make a difference in the lives of many animals ,and our environment. I'm going to study Environmental Science and go to Veterinarian school when I am in...

To see a place in the hearts of men where hope does not mean no faith does not mean cannot and courage is not marked by a yellow line but a human line of those who would step up to the plate.

for all people to love each other

To work with governments to set up effective health care systems in countries that don't have the proper medical care necessary...

For all to come together in peace and unity [Dann]

My dream is to win gold in the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics...

i have a dream that one day ill become famous and help people all over the world

My dream is to raise my children to know love and happiness. To create a world for them that gives them the opportunity to puruse their dreams and know that the sky is the limit.

To see my children enter a world far better than mine.

I dream to one day walk down the street holding the hand of my partner and not worry about what people think or watch them stare.

My daughter grows up to be happy, healthy and giving to others.

My dream for our world is that every child gets treating with care and respect because to many children in this world are getting abused by parents or strangers. No matter how bratty a child is they...

To live in love and share that love with everyone I come in contact with.

To walk in the purpose and calling that God has for my life so that He might utilize me as an agent of change to make this world a better place by teaching people how to truly love themselves and...

I whan avereyone to love Gob.

To travel, meet people of all cultures, and explore different, unique places. And also for the loved to be successful.

To Be a Dancer Live.Laugh.Love kyla

My true dream is greater than myself, my wants and my life's pursuits. My dream and prayer is for humanity and our planet - to treat each other and all things with dignity empathy and respect!...

Mt dream is...there will no more struggles in world. [Miah]

I dream of a world filled with peace.