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236 dreams to explore

Every child is given equal access to opportunnies- class divide is no longer an issue

that America's yesterday, today and tomorrow become merged to become one nation reflecting and economic prosperity for all mankind...

I have a dream that I will one day help to better the human race

My 2012 comp is sufficient to cover increased cost of living - medical, cost etc. Healthy life.

Property on at lest 3 continents, successful verlar

to operate my own health non-profit that strives to provide exemplary preventive and treatment services to populations in inner-city communities and impoverished third world areas. I hope to really...

Help others to achieve theirs God Bless and protect the USA and President Obama! Harold

to eliminate poverty in our country!


To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

That people will always have fair rights

For all Americans to become critical thinkers and possess quality of truth. -Magdalene

Put projects to work and create Lot's of jobs for everyone. Let's put our money to work!...

I have dream mu dream is all people are will be rich

my dream is that racism will stop and the world will be a better place for everyone

i dream about having a good house, a great car, travel a lot, meet lots of people and having kids.

My dream is for the beloved community that my [illegible]

My dream for the community is to allow every person to have food, so there will be less hunger.

To live debt free without being afraid to take chances without failing.

World peace, better economy. Retired before Age of 40. My baby girl with a joyful happy life.