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90 dreams to explore

To do something in the field of my writing like journalism or screenplay also to become a model.

To travel, meet people of all cultures, and explore different, unique places. And also for the loved to be successful.

To travel the world! :)

my dream is to be a bakitball player in tne wrold

My dream is to travel and explore the plethora of cultures & foods this world has to offer as well as have a family that loves me and a career that I'm passionate about...

That people will travel far and learn about different languages, cultures, places and traditions so they can experience a world outside of their own.

My dream is to travel around the world with loved ones and friends.

My dream is one day to travel to every continent. I want be able to visit multiple cultures and see their traditions. I plan to do this after college.

Travel to every part of the globe and be welcome everywhere.

To One day be successful in life and travel around the world helping others.

I want to go to Africa to ride a Jaguar!

I want to be a famous singer - Hannah

My name is Willette. My dream is to inspire all Persons with confidence and ambitions to achieve their dreams through helping them to see that the half of knowledge is to know where it find it.

to travel through the world to see how God touched his children around the world

To Attend an IVY league college. To Raise my Kids with a solid Christian foundation. To Have enough finance to be comfortable and To Live abroad.

to travel and to own lots of books.

My dream is for my Kids to have Equal Wright and oppertunitys to go to school, see the world and Never be stuck in there mind were they can dream were they want to be

To travel globally teaching financial literacy and economics to students and adults in low-to-moderate income communities. To ensure that everyone create wealth & build sustainable neighborhoods.

To become a famous singer. To help make a difference

To be able to travel around the world and talk with people about How they can be come a child of christ.